Ed Trout: USA

Here are the nominations for our great friend in Bonsai Ed Trout

“The first thing that comes to mind is: “The Gentleman of Bonsai” he’s honest, willing, giving, open and above all, extremely humble.

Very simple, there’s no one that has so much will to keep going like him, the first word out of his mouth is always “yes” and he is the most committed to teaching artist I’ve met…”

“Ed Trout is a genuine and compassionate human being that has a significant role in the art of bonsai within Florida and the United States. Ed’s contributions span over several decades and has helped develop amazing tropical specimens into legacy creations which has sparked a major community. Ultimately, he is a pillar to the community and his nature has enhanced our culture.”

“Ed has been educating bonsai for such a long time with a very keen dedication to the art and to the peace through bonsai.”

“Many people will thank him for his dedication not only in the USA, but also overseas.”

“Ed has been instrumental in promoting bonsai, not only through the state of Florida but throughout the nation. He has been active in the bonsai society for more than 3 decades. Ed has helped hundreds if not thousands of individuals improve their knowledge and abilities through workshops, demos and individual guidance.”

“The first time I met Ed he was teaching a class sitting down next to a student and sketching out their future tree, I later found out that we were kindred spirits both growing up in Key West. Every opportunity I have I take a class of his, he is an amazing teacher and beautiful person, even though he has suffered some major losses in his life, he never stops giving. Truly an angel.”

“This man is one of the genuine human beings I have ever met. His generosity is beyond words even when he, himself is going through bad times. He embodies what every person practising The Art of Bonsai should act like. He never has a bad word to say and always has time to talk to you. He practices the art of pay it forward every day of his life. He’s always going through struggles and he continues to be the most inspiring human I’ve ever known. Love you Ed.”

“He is a gracious teacher.”

“Ed has always been what I call the “common man” amongst the Bonsai Masters of the world. Though he has travelled all over the world in the name of bonsai he has ALWAYS had time for any question or concern that I or anyone else have had and never making us feel that he was above or below us. Just “common” like all the rest of us that love bonsai. This man is an Icon in Bonsai. All of us here in Florida should also put in a request for him to be named “Bonsai King of Florida”!

“His tirelessly and selflessly giving of bonsai knowledge and services to the bonsai community despite personal hardship.”

“He’s a master on this art, working on it by years, He’s able to show us a different perspective of bonsai how we known.”

“Ed shares his bonsai knowledge and joy of bonsai with everyone he comes in contact with. He is the first to give, share his knowledge, share his trees and teach! No one in bonsai has offered and started so many people in bonsai. He truly is the definition of Bonsai Angel!”

“Ed has done well mentoring many people in the art of bonsai. He deserves an award for all that he has done for society in regards to their hobby.”

“I believe that Ed is one of the last gentlemen of bonsai, in the same way as John Naka or Yuji Yoshimura were, and the best living ambassador for the Art of Bonsai. Those who he has taught are countless, and some of the best practitioners of bonsai call him sensei. Yet he is humble, and still considers himself a student of bonsai, with something new to learn every day. He’s had many tragedies in his life and it is bonsai that helps him to escape them for a few hours. If anyone is deserving of the Bonsai Angel Award, it is Mr. Ed Trout. It was made for him.”

“I want to nominate Ed Trout for the Bonsai Angel award. I have followed Ed for the last 20 years and have always admired him. He has helped countless people learn and to love Bonsai. Thank you!”

Cristobal and Toby Díaz, David Camargo, Budi Sulistyo, Bob Wertz, Cosette Kelley, Hiram Macia, Patrick Dorsy, Bob Yahrling, Mike Blom, Erick Rojas, Louise Leistet, Charles Bevan, Adam Lavigne, Rob Bennett