Pauline Muth: USA

Pauline Muth

There is no one in this world who has done more to unselfishly promote the art of bonsai in the USA and the World, than this lady.

She serves the board of Directors of Bonsai Clubs International, and past President and board member of American Bonsai Society, as well as numerous local and regional affiliations. She is also currently serving on the National Bonsai Federation board.

She is the owner of PFM Bonsai in West Charlton, N.Y. She teaches and lectures all over the world, sharing her bonsai and biology knowledge to anyone who is interested.

We have been friends and Bonsai colleagues for more than 35 +years. No one has given more of themselves to unselfishly promote the Art of Bonsai.

Frank Mihalic had the distinct pleasure to nominate his friend Pauline Muth for the Bonsai Angel Award.

NOTE: Pauline sadly passed away in 2022