Jim Peterson: Canada

Jim accepting his award

I would like to nominate Jim Peterson as a Bonsai Angel. Jim has been my me notorious for over 20 years. He is a co-founder of the Penticton Bonsai Club. (Unfortunately at the moment we are down to 4 members). All 4 members also belong to the Kelowna Bonsai Club, which celebrates its 35 anniversary this year. Kelowna is 45 Km North of Penticton. Jim gives unselfishly of his time, knowledge and talent. He has organized workshops and organized our annual two day Bonsai show over 20 years. The members of the Penticton Bonsai Club usually feature 50 trees at the Penticton Cherry Lane Mall. The shoe is always well received by the public. Jim always promotes Bonsai, every opportunity he gets.

Jim Peterson
And Jims speech

We presented Jim with his Angel Wings on July 14 at a gathering of the Penticton Bonsai Club Ans the Kelowna Bonsai Club.  31 people where at the pot luck gathering.  Jim was surprised and speechless.  After he recovered, here is what he said.  “It was an honour to receive the Bonsai Angel Award.  It was also a surprise as I was not aware of the nomination process in place.  In receiving the award it will certainly motivate me and other Club members to continue to display and promote the Art of Bonsai in our area.  Please accept my thanks to the selection committee and Mr. Gerhard Kahrmann for submitting the nomination.  Jim Peterson, Cofounder, Penticton Bonsai Club, and Member of Kelowna, B.C. Bonsai Club.”