Ignazio Giambrone: Italy

Ignazio Giambrone

Ignazio Giambrone is from Palermo, Sicily. He has been coming over to Malta to teach one of the schools within our bonsai club in Malta, for these last 4 years now. He brings hands-on expertise and loves classical bonsai, but also loves an avant-guard composition. I nicknamed him ‘the Michelangelo of deadwood’ as he knows really well how to naturalize man-made deadwood with that which is already present, fractalizing as he makes detailed patterns that repeat themselves. He gives time to time when doing bonsai. He is beautiful, kind and serene inside. Moreover, he is accessible, enthusiastic, flexible and shows respect. He has high expectations for all of us irrespective of our level of bonsai knowledge. He likes teamwork and always maintains professionalism. Above all, throughout the years he has become a true friend.

Nominated by: Alfred Grech: Malta