Prajakta Kale: India

Prajakta Kale imagined Bonsai Namaste as a huge event whereby an exhibition of over 1000 bonsai from her personal collection would be FREE for the public to enjoy, combine this with a Bonsai convention whereby bonsai enthusiasts from across Asia could benefit from workshops, demonstrations by international artists, and an opportunity for groups to share ideas and experiences.

Bonsai Namaste is a team of three friends, joining hands to touch higher better and constructive approach to native bonsai. Blending it with agriculture segment to be useful to farmers. Providing a way out for their distress thru alternative farming.

It is the determination to bring bonsai to a wider public that we honour Prajakta with a Bonsai Angel Award.

Prajakta Kale was presented with her award at the Bonsai Namaste event in February 2018.

About Prajakta Kale

Prajakta Kale is based in Pune, India. She has been an avid gardener since her childhood and has tended to a variety of plants and fragrant flowers. It was sheer coincidence that she was introduced to the invigorating world of bonsais in 1984. She was amazed how the miniaturised and statured trees charmed her. Her curiosity and enthusiasm supported her determination to learn the art thus beginning her journey with bonsai. Since then she has been an active bonsai artist and her collection has many masterpieces.

With immense dedication, she has created a massive collection of over 800 bonsais which stand apart in an otherwise landscaped garden. Needless to say, she has nurtured the bonsais just like her own children. In this journey, she has been mentored by bonsai teacher Rudy Najaon, from Indonesia and bonsai enthusiast Sujay and Rupa Shah of Surup Bonsai Village, Panvel, Maharashtra.

Her first bonsai was a banyan tree (Ficus Religiosa), which she had acquired. Her collections include varieties from the Orient, but which have been adapted to Indian climatic conditions. Since then her possessions include various ficus varieties, Tamarindus Indica, Casuarina, Juniperus Prostata, Juniperus Chinensis var. Sargentii, Phyllanthus, Braya, Wrightia Religiosa, Ulmus Parviflora, Desmodium, Murraya Exotica etc. Though passionate about all her Bonsais, she has a special love towards Phyllanthus and Juniper Bonsai.

Some of the unusual styles include Bunjin style and Raft style and many more. She has participated in many exhibitions in Pune, India. In her journey of 32 years’ bonsai is her passion now. Various teachers and masters have inspired her to excel in this field. Mr Rudy Najaon from Indonesia is one of her primary teachers. She along with her friends Sujay, Rupa, Kamini Johari, Sucheta Avadhani, Manoj Kumar and Rahul, under the auspices of the great artists are working to promote this art.