Michael Ryan Bell: USA

Many of you know him as Ryan, Michael Ryan Bell, MRB, The Notorious MRB, or something of the sort.  I cannot think of many people who have helped the bonsai community more in helping to identify containers, both rare and common, and who has more knowledge of bonsai containers in the world.  He has given many many free appraisals and details to so many people, even though that’s part of how he makes a living.

He has built the worlds largest online database of chops, for no other reason than to be a help to the bonsai community worldwide. Beyond that, he is constantly giving well-researched advice to those that ask, on many forums (once you get past the snark, he’s a super helpful and generous man) At one point or another, your life has probably crossed with his at some level or other.

On so many occasions, he’s played a key role in the “Beer, Wine, and Cheese” group, helping others in the bonsai community when their chips were down and they needed a hand.

They say what comes around goes around … and in the case of Ryan, he has given so much to the bonsai community, it is my hope that what comes around reflects just how much he has helped the bonsai community.

Dave & The Beer, Wine and Cheese crew.