Danny Erna: Belgium

Danny Erna

Danny is doing so much work before, during and after The Trophy. He is in charge for whole the logistics and it his responsibility to build up the show. Tables, clothing, preparing everything for the demonstrators, assisting during the demonstrating and so on. If something goes wrong, a door that does not open, a light that does not function, it always Danny who has to solve the problems, and he does it with a smile.

Building up our show without Danny is nearly impossible. He made the machine we are using to roll up all the white canvas which saves us hours by dismounting the show.

Moreover, during the year, he is the one who is always the first there, and the last to leave at club meetings, taking care of everything.

We are absolutely grateful to Danny for all this.

Danny is member of the Bonsai association from the very beginning, and is still enthusiast.