Michael Ryan Bell receives his award

MRB Getting his awardThis from Ryan:

I’ve received many honors in my life. All them were important to me, and I’m grateful for all of them.

But out of them all, none means more to me than being honored by the community I love and have chosen to serve. I’m far from any kind of “angel”….it’s a bit ironic, actually…😈

I honestly can’t describe how much it meant to me receive a standing ovation from a couple hundred friends, fellow artists, idols, and heroes.
To be presented with a truly rare and special award by two people I respect and adore, Roy Minarai and William N. Valavanis, will forever be one of the proudest moments of my life.
Thank you so much to everyone involved (and as it was a secret surprise, I’m sure I’m missing people) especially Tony Tickle, Brian Hollowell, Frank J. Mihalic, Roy Minarai, and Dave Paris.
I truly feel the Bonsai community has given me more than I have, or even can, ever given back.

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